Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scott's Back Surgery

Daddy (Scott) went in yesterday to the Utah Valley Regional Hospital to undergo a very intense back surgery. His spine needed to be fuzed together in order for his back to stop being in pain and for him to regain feeling in his feet. We were very concerned for him, but fasted and prayed as a family with some close friends, and the surgery went wonderfully. I went and visited him in the hospital last night with my mom, Amber, and Nate, and my father was just as cheerful as he could be, despite the intense pain he was in due to the incisions made in his back. Apparently his pain was so severe that he felt like someone had beat him near to death in his back with a baseball bat. And although we could sense his agony, he made jokes and funny faces and said that someday he wants to be buried in his BYU hat. He is such a strong man!

We appreciate all of your fasting and prayers and hope that we can see you all very soon! We will keep you posted on his recovery.

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